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Jason Dufner on origins of ‘Dufnering’: ‘I just kind of checked out’ (video)


Before Jason Dufner became a major winner courtesy of his masterful 2-shot win at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in August, he had already established some semblance of notoriety courtesy of a photo that surfaced of him during an appearance in a Dallas classroom.

The photograph of him seated slovenly on the floor, appearing a bit disheveled, out of sorts and quite exhausted with a faraway look on his face quickly went viral courtesy of not only regular folks but his PGA Tour colleagues as well. The pose was given the name “Dufnering,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

During the Championship Night Celebration event at the 2013 PGA Grand Slam of Golf on Wednesday, Dufner at long last explained the inception of “Dufnering,” how it came to be and the reasons why he looked so dang miserable.

The choice quotes, as transcribed by Eye on Golf:

“They didn’t tell me I was going to be sitting on the floor for 45 to minutes to an hour. They were talking actually about relaxation. I just kind of checked out.

“They had us sitting cross-legged and my hips were killing me.”

“My wife wasn’t impressed because she sees it all the time.”

Haha. The entire “Dufnering” craze certainly has served Dufner well, but he better be careful. Even with all the wins, fame, fortune and notoriety that comes with being a PGA Tour superstar, the last thing he should want to do if cause his wife Amanda to feel and sort of shame or embarrassment as a consequence of his actions.

jason-dufner-wife amanda-dufner

You know, because she’s pretty attractive and stuff. Might want to hold on to that gal, that’s for sure.