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Grocery store apologizes for dissing Matt Schaub via Halloween decoration (photo)


It seems like every day there’s a new development that illustrates the seemingly unending wave vitriolic persecution directed at embattled Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. A few have been covered here at the Sportress of Blogitude, including a Houston-area restaurant’s “Pick-Six Burger” and how one Houston resident engaged in some prop comedy by having the body of “Matt Schaub” sticking out of the trunk of their car.

Other indignities being suffered by Schaub include fans showing up at his house to heckle him and his family and fans at Reliant Stadium cheering after he was injured during the team’s loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Well, even his injury isn’t stopping folks down Houston way from making him the resident punching bag. Now Kroger, a grocery store chain, has felt compelled to issue an apology after it was noticed that the Houston store took a potshot at Schaub by way of its Halloween decorations.

Trick or treat, indeed.

Among the several tombstones making up a spooky scene above a display of bottled water (it appears) was one that bore the message, “RIP: Matt Schaub’s arm 2011-2013.”


That’s absolutely shocking. No, not the tombstone — although it is taking the Matt Schaub haterade a tad too far — the price of $5.99 for bottled water. Don’t people know they can get water right out of the tap at their kitchen sink. Gee whiz.

Some customers were offended by the display, saying it was insensitive and inappropriate.

“This Kroger is located about five minutes from the neighborhood where Schaub and his family live. As if being terrorized at their own home isn’t enough, now the Schaubs can’t even go grocery shopping without seeing Matt’s name on a tombstone. Horrible,” wrote Candelario Perez Jr.

In light of the backlash of sorts, Kroger offered up the customary “We’re sorry if anyone was offended” apology that touts the many great things the company does, a gesture which is more useless than helpful or genuine (via

“Kroger would like to express tremendous regret over the derogatory Matt Schaub sign that was displayed at one of our store locations. It was created without the direction and approval from our marketing department. The sign has been removed. Kroger has been a proud sponsor of the Houston Texans for several years—in fact, this past weekend, we supported the Texans’ Pink Ribbon Day game, which promotes breast cancer awareness, a cause which Kroger is deeply committed to, and we’re excited to root on the team for the remainder of the season.”

So there you have it. No longer will Kroger use Halloween decorations to disparage Matt Schaub. But if you think for one second the chain will refrain from taking a shot at Schaub at Thanksgiving, well, you’re probably right.

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