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Fan video opines that the Philadelphia Flyers are cursed … or something (video)

Entitled “The Exorcism of the 2013 Philadelphia Flyers,” this fan-made video argues, quite compellingly, that the team is somehow cursed and that it was the doings of some coven of witches. Or something.

The Flyers are mired in a 1-6 slump to start the season, have allowed twice as many goals as the team has scored and has already fired head coach Peter Laviolette and assistant coach Kevin McCarthy only three games in to its 2013-14 campaign. Cursed? Perhaps. Fodder for some guy to piece together clips of Flyers failings interspersed with scenes from classic films like “Ghostbusters,”Halloween” and “Army of Darkness” (I think)? You better believe it.

The YouTube description:

Happy Halloween Flyers fans? The Philadelphia Flyers are in desperate need of a spark to their season and as a devoted fan I want to help. I mean no disrespect to Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury or any member of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization – I’m sure they can appreciate how the Flyers/ Pens rivalry serves as the perfect setting for an entertaining hockey mashup.

Spooky stuff. Although not as scary as the prospects of the Flyers having any semblance of success this season.

[H/T Extra Mustard]