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Because everything has to be turned into a bit, ‘#Huntering’ is now a thing (photos)


Forget Dufnering. Forget Tebowing and every other played-out “-ing” thing that has captured the imagination of anyone with a Twitter or Instagram account and taken the interwebs by storm over the past few years.

Thanks to Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter’s big effort and subsequent flop over the bullpen fence in the ALCS while trying to bring back a grand slam by Boston Red Sox slugger’s David Ortiz, there is now “#Huntering.” Thanks, Internet.

Yep, “Huntering.” It involves one person — two is better in order to include Boston police officer Steve Horgan’s role (which was a thing on its own, “Horganing”) and better chronicle the moment — doing a handstand behind an object to depict how Hunter looked the instant Horgan raised his arms in celebration.

Examples of “#Huntering” follow.

Good stuff. I look forward to the next craze when someone somewhere does something that can be imitated and posted to social media. Until then, if anyone would like to join me, I’m starting my own thing:


I call it “#Ignoring.”

And no, that’s not me. Duh.

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