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Giants offered free eye exams after Post cover of bespectacled Eli Manning (pic)


It’s getting so bad for the 0-6 New York Giants that not only is the team being mocked and ridiculed by the the New York dailies, a prominent business has utilized said mockery to take a potshot at the team on its own.

After the New York Post featured Eli Manning on the cover wearing a pair of nerdy photoshopped glasses for its Saturday, Oct. 12 edition to address the Giants’ latest loss, a 27-21 loss to the Chicago Bears on the Thursday night, some wisenheimer from LensCrafters shot off an email to The Post to announce that the company would graciously offer free eye exams to all Giants players.



In an email to The Post, LensCrafters put forward the following offer:

“Comprehensive eye exams can reveal the true culprit behind fumbles, turnovers and interceptions: poor vision.

“Eye-hand-ball coordination, accurate depth perception, visual anticipation, and judgment of timing and speed are all dependent on sharp eyesight and will be essential to earning a much-needed victory on Monday night against the [Vikings].”

Fantastic. And a pretty clever marketing gimmick by LensCrafters to boot. No word on whether or not the Giants will take LensCrafters up on that offer, but if the team did and Eli Manning — who has an NFL-high 15 interceptions — does need frames, please outfit him in ones exactly like those depicted on The Post cover. Because they’re funny.

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