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Kliff Kingsbury’s bobblehead is as suave as the Texas Tech Red Raiders coach (photo)

The official Twitter account of the Texas Tech Red Raiders Athletic Department tweeted out the above image of a very striking and mucho suave bobblehead in the likeness of the football team’s very striking and mucho suave head coach, Kliff Kingsbury.

With the shades and five o’clock shadow, the Kliff Kingsbury bobblehead is a sure-fire lady bobblehead killer. You know, if bobbleheads were to come to life and discovered that they were attracted to members of the opposite bobblehead sex. I’d imagine they would be, but once living bobbleheads start roaming the Earth, all bets are off.

Really, there’s nothing much to add here except that I now feel vastly inferior to a doll with an over-sized head that shakes and bobs up and down when it moves, which was pretty much the same reason I was crazy jealous of Katherine Hepburn when she was still alive, but that’s another story altogether.

[H/T Campus Union]