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Arkansas game notes detail how Bret Bielema landed his smoking hot wife


It’s safe to say that Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach Bret Bielema “outkicked the coverage” in landing his beautiful wife, Jen. By no means does that imply that Bielema is some kind of ogreish monster, but let’s be honest here and not kid ourselves. She is an absolute knockout.

Since Bielema headed south from Wisconsin last December to take over the Razorbacks program, his wife has been receiving a fair amount of well-deserved attention. She is a constant presence at games and often tweets and shares photos on Instagram related to her husband and support of the football team.

Perhaps to highlight that the team’s head coach is some kind of Casanova and if he can land such a highly prized “recruit” in his personal life, he should be able to do the same thing when going after sought-after players, the Razorbacks include information on how Bielema managed to land his gorgeous wife, providing details of his courtship of her in the team’s game notes.

In order to establish convincing evidence of Jen’s attractiveness, to wit (via Instagram):


Case closed.

Moving on, according to a tweet from Marc Torrence, a journalism student at Alabama, below are the game notes provided to media types that highlight certain aspects of the Razorbacks football program:


That’s … strange. Although I am not in a position to know whether or not this is common in college football. Do other programs issue extremely detailed information about how their coach’s courted their wives during the dating phase of their relationship? Odd.

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