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Michelle Jenneke trips over and breaks hurdle during canned TV bit (video)


Far be it from me to besmirch the hurdling talents of one Michelle Jenneke. You know her, the Australian track and field star who became famous less for her hurdling abilities and more for her seductive pre-race dance routine. After all, it would be egregiously unfair for me to criticize her hurdling ability since I’m pretty sure I have never watched her actually do any hurdling. The videos most of us watch of Miss Jenneke usually end before the race actually starts.

But something tells me that Jenneke would have preferred to have this demonstration on Australian television go a lot better than it did.

Jenneke took her spot on a rotating dais that had a makeshift hurdle she was presumably supposed to be able to leap over with grace and athleticism. Sadly, a technically sound hurdle was not in the cards, as Jenneke couldn’t quite make the leap, catching her foot on the hurdle, breaking it and tumbling to the ground in a heap of embarrassed humanity.

Hoo boy. But hey, she’s still got her dance routine, provocative magazine spreads and so on and so forth.

But still, talk about awkward. It shouldn’t have been that difficult to jump over that thing. It is, despite the real reasons for her fame, something she does all the time and presumably practices all the time. That’s like me appearing on a television show and breaking a laptop while attempting to make lame and dated pop culture references during a blogging demonstration. Talk about Must-See TV, right?

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