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Jim Irsay wants Colts Nation to ‘FIRE UP,’ tweets selfie of killer blue mohawk (photo)


Unlike most NFL owners, Indianapolis Colts head honcho Jim Irsay is something of a free spirit. He routinely offers up somewhat strange but mostly entertaining –and often comical — tweets that indicate the guy doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Case in point: On Thursday evening, a blue mohawk-sporting Irsay tweeted the above selfie along with the message, “FIRE UP Colts Nation 4 Sunday! Loud n Proud! Stay tuned for 10 winners-2 free tics,$100,Colts Hat!”

Loud and proud, indeed. Is it just me, or does Irsay appear, shall we say, a bit off in the photo. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the slightly off-kilter, unhinged look on his face … well, it’s kinda creepy, to be honest. He looks like a bouncer at a seedy dive bar that you won’t even make eye contact with, let alone draw his ire.


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