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Jets wide receiver David Nelson: Tim Tebow worth signing simply because of his ‘aura’


While most people, including apparently every general manager running a National Football League team, would beg to differ, new New York Jets wide receiver David Nelson cannot believe that no team has scooped up the unemployed Tim Tebow after he was cut by the New England Patriots during training camp.

David Nelson, a former teammate of Tebow’s with the Florida Gators, signed a contract with the Jets on Tuesday, but says Tebow called him out of the blue a few weeks ago and the two were supposed to get together and work out at some point. Given that Nelson currently is on an NFL roster and Tebow is not, that’s probably not going to happen now, but Nelson had nothing but good things to say about the flawed signal-caller.

In fact, Nelson believes that Tebow is worth signing because of his apparently wonderful, magical and glowing “aura.”

Asked to express his thoughts on Tebow not having an NFL gig and whether he was taken aback by the fact that Tebow hasn’t latched on with another team, Nelson said that he was surprised.

“I am, just because I know him,” Nelson said, according to a report in the New York Post, “and I know what he can bring to a team, not just from the physical aspect of on the field but what he brings off the field – that aura and the presence he has about him. Guys love being around him. Guys feed off that and he makes other people better. Even if he’s not out there calling the plays, he’s helping guys, coaching guys. To have that as a backup quarterback is extremely valuable.”

Interesting to note that even though Nelson thinks Tebow is a great guy and would be a valuable addition to an NFL roster, he refers to Tebow as being only a backup quarterback, which to be fair is about the only thing Tebow should expect. It’s not often an NFL team signs a guy off the street and the next week he’s the starting quarterback. If that’s the case, said team is in big, big trouble…

I’m looking at you, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Still, while Tebow may possess intangibles such as a super-neat aura and things like that, but nowhere does Nelson mention the important and relevant qualities necessary for a player to be a competent quarterback, like being capable of throwing a 10-yard out. Or any pass with any semblance of skill, for that matter.