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David Wright photobombed Kate Upton, Upton brothers during photo shoot (pic)


New York Mets superstar David Wright inserted his mug into a photograph taken during the photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated MLB playoff preview cover which features Atlanta Braves players B.J. Upton and Justin Upton courtesy of a whimsical and well-executed photobomb.

Via @MLBFanCave:


Ha. It merits noting that the photo shoot was done in New York at Citi Field when the Braves were in town to play the Mets earlier this season, which explains Wright’s presence.

And for a bonus and unnecessary Mets cheap shot, allow me to end with this zinger: David Wright photobombing Atlanta Braves players and Kate Upton was about the only way the Mets were going to crack a playoff preview issue of any magazine, at least this season. And some seasons before that, too, I suppose.

How clever am I, right? Sometimes, the lowest hanging fruit is the tastiest.