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Photo: If Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner did a Men’s Wearhouse ad

Pretty awesome photo of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner kicking back and shooting the breeze during the Presidents Cup dinner on Wednesday.

But more importantly, if Men’s Wearhouse ever were able to snag the three PGA superstars and have them agree to do an ad for the nationwide chain, this pretty much is exactly what it would look like. As George Zimmer says, “I guarantee it.”

And Tiger’s receding hairline doesn’t look so bad in this photo. That’s a plus. And yet, the photo would have been even better if Jason Dufner’s smokeshow of a wife was in it.

How great would it be if these guys donned some cotton Dockers. That way, they could sit on a porch and wrestle around, and maybe even be part of a real bull session. You know, for easy “Seinfeld” reference purposes.

[H/T SB Nation, photo via Instagram]