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Tiger Woods looks to be outpacing LeBron in race of receding hairlines (photo)


There are many similarities that exist between LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Due to their individual excellence in their respective professions, some similarities are not only noticeable at face value, there are others that simply can be inferred.

One similarity that has no need to be inferred any longer is how both are suffering from cases of male pattern baldness, exhibited and manifested in each superstar’s respective and rapidly receding hairline.

Tiger’s gal-pal Lindsey Vonn posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday from Wednesday evening’s Presidents Cup dinner and gala, and the evidence of the dwindling hair atop Tiger’s head is abundantly full. Or thinning, as it were.

Above is a photograph of the Vonn and Woods from the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York last May (where Tiger was believed to be schnockered, but that’s another story).

As you can see, Tiger’s hairline already was receding but the photo Vonn just posted is a stark indicator of just how far along and dire the situation has become.

Via Instagram:

Is it just me, or does the patch of hair that creates horseshoe-shaped hairline appear to be thinning? Soon, all Tiger will have is a chrome dome, accompanied by an assumed pang of regret over the once-proud civilization of hair that gradually is becoming sadly extinct.

As an aside, the couple certainly looks happy, further evidence that the rumored Lindsey Vonn cheating scandal simply was rampant gossip.