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Ndamukong Suh likes Aaron Rodgers but says he’s a QB so they can’t be friends


Ndamukong Suh and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spent some time hanging out together at a football camp in Oregon this summer, and even though Suh indicated that he likes the Green Bay Packers quarterback well enough, the Detroit Lions defensive lineman says there’s no chance the two will ever be friends.

And no, not because he plays for the Lions and Rodgers plays for the division rival Packers, two teams that have a NFC North showdown on Sunday. Nope. It’s because according to Suh, Rodgers has a character defect that makes him impossible to befriend.

Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback. And Suh could never ever be friends with a quarterback. Or so he says.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a friend as a quarterback, especially one I see twice a year,” Suh said, according to a USA Today report published Thursday. “But without question, off the field, he’s good people, and I definitely enjoyed being around him.”

Suh’s comments got back to Rodgers this week and during a conference call,

“Well, I haven’t gotten any calls from him yet,” Rodgers said. “Not sure if there’s going to be some sort of exchange of numbers at some point.”

Rodgers was informed that he shouldn’t expect an invite from Suh to kick back, have a cold one or two and slap each other on the back anytime soon, the Packers quarterback offered up a witty retort, inquiring as to whether or not Suh is even friends with the quarterbacks on the Lions roster.

“I think he needs to expand his mind a little bit, kind of branch out,” Rodgers said. “Does that mean that he’s not buddies with Matt (Stafford)? Or Shaun (Hill)? Or Kellen (Moore)? I’m being sarcastic.”

Sarcastic? Doubt it. I reckon that Rodgers is pretty busted up about it. Rodgers lost his best friend, Milwaukee Brewers pariah, Ryan Braun, over the summer after he realized that Braun had lied to him over his PED use. Maybe A-Rodg was looking for a new bosom buddy. Oh well. Keep on keeping on, Rodgers. Someone will come along, and preferrably not a guy who has been known to stomp on another man’s genitals. Which is a good trait to find in a potential pal.