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Some Indians fans behaved super classy* during game against Rays (video/photo)

(*not really)

Remember that old joke setup “What’s grosser than gross?” During Wednesday night’s AL wild card game between the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays at Progressive Field, not only was the behavior exhibited by some offensive use of face painting a gross exhibition by a few  fans of the hometown team, the contents of a cup that appeared to be tossed at a Rays player exceedingly gross as well.

As you can see above, a trio of Indians fans thought it would be a hoot and a wonderful display of “Gotta Support The Team” mentality if they were to show up at the game painted in “redface,” what appears to be an ill-conceived and racist tribute to the team’s racist mascot, Chief Wahoo. Bravo, guys. Bravo.

But it didn’t end there — and I’ll spare you a diatribe about all that is wrong with classless display of cluelessness depicted above (I trust most of you can figure that out on your own — and to others who will rail against the PC nature of any condemnation of their face-painting, good on you) — as an Indians fan appeared to toss a cup of chew spit at Rays outfielder David DeJesus during a play in the eighth inning. titles the below video “DeJesus’ tough catch” with a subheading explanation of “David DeJesus ranges into foul territory to make the catch despite a beverage being dropped near him.”

“Dropped” arguably is something of a descriptive misnomer, because it certainly looks like the cup was tossed, not dropped. And if that brown, nasty liquid spilling out of the cup is a “beverage,” I ain’t interested.  Judge for yourself.

Ultimately, the Indians lost to the visiting Rays by a score of 4-0, ending their season. But the discussion over the behavior exhibited by an infinitesimal contingent of all the fans at Progressive Field who came to cheer on the Indians likely will continue to be discussed during the postseason even though the Indians won’t be around for it.

[image via Hardball Talk]