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Goo-goo argh-argh? Pittsburgh hospital dressing up newborns as Pirates (photos)


Pretty much any red-blooded, baseball-loving Pittsburghian (?) worth their weight in booty is in the throes of Pirates fever as the team, fresh off its 6-2 wild card win over the Cincinnati Reds, are preparing to open up its NLDS series against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday at Busch Stadium.

A guy jumped off a bridge, the Penguins played wiffle ball on ice and a father fulfilled an over-20-year promise to his son and dressed up as a Pirate are only a few examples of how Pittsburgh has gone crazy over the Pirates.

Count the city’s St. Clair Hospital among those whipped up into a frenzy over the team’s first postseason appearance in 21 years, as the maternity ward now is outfitting newborn babies in Pirates gear.

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of milk, indeed. Or formula, I suppose.

Tweeted the hospital on Wednesday: “Starting today, we’re ensuring the area’s newest Pirates’ fans won’t have to wait their whole lives to celebrate postseason play. Today through the rest of the postseason, our “Bucco Babies” will be sporting Pirates’ onesies and baby-sized baseball bats.”

And here is an additional photo of a “Bucco Baby” (via @StClairHospital):

Adorable. Matey.

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