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Coyotes netminder Thomas Greiss’ mask requires an exorcism (photo)


Egad, usually around here we throw around the term “nightmare fuel” pretty loosely, but in this instance, after gazing upon the hellish imagery featured on Phoenix Coyotes goaltender Thomas Greiss’ mask and being chilled to the bone by by it, the nightmare fuel designation is the most fitting description for it.

As Deadspin’s Tom Ley notes, it’s difficult to determine for certain exactly what the demonic creature depicted on the mask is supposed to be, or which dank pit of Hell it escaped from, but one thing is certain: It is pure, unadulterated and demonic evil and Greiss should be wary of its dark and sinister power. Before Greiss knows it, it will overtake his soul and consume him.

Hey, Phoenix Coyotes: If anything like that occurs, remember these words: “Exorcizo te, immunde spiritus, in nomine Dei Patris omnipotentis, et in nomine domini nostri, Iesu Christi, et in nomine Spiritus Sancti.”

Oh, and make sure there is Holy Water on hand at all times.