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Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub mocked with ‘Pick-Six’ burger (photo)


It’s been something of a hellish few weeks for Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. Not only is he being assigned most of the blame for the team’s two-game slide by fans due to his ineffective play, and it perhaps has gotten so bad on social media that Schaub felt compelled to delete his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Now, a Houston-area restaurant is taking potshots at the embattled quarterback as well with what the eatery is referring to as the “Pick-Six Burger.”

The most tasty of zings, served up with a side of french fries, presumably. Or maybe onion rings, I suppose.

The sign announcing the special edition burger at Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill (via @TerryBlountESPN):


Ooh, burn. But as far as burgers are concerned, don’t burn it. Please cook mine bloody. And six toppings? Now that’s pretty awesome. And the “Pick-Six” tie-in is quite clever, given that Schaub has thrown one of them in three consecutive games.

But it gets worse for Schaub. Not only is he being mocked and ridiculed with a condiment-themed zinger, the Texans reportedly are quite upset with the fact that disgruntled fans now are burning Matt Schaub jerseys in parking lots outside the stadium.

According to TMZ, the team will try to “extinguish” the practice of jersey-burning. A team source said that the Texans will have to “do a better job monitoring the people who tailgate” because burning a jersey is a violation of the stadium’s open-flame policy.

So Schaub has that going for him. About the only thing, too.