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Little tyke takes a nasty tumble, goes down hard trying to dunk off bed (video)

Look out, other epic wipeout during dunk attempt kid, you’ve got company.

The fact that the kid gleefully announces “I’m going to dunk it!” before “GaGa” feeds little Andrew the rock via an alley-oop makes the violent somersault he does before crashing to the ground that much more heartbreaking.

Speaking of breaking, he’s lucky there weren’t any bones breaking after that nasty tumble.

The YouTube description notes that Andrew pulled off about 30 dunks before his mom decided to film it. That’s a shame. Can’t come through in the clutch, this kid.

Oh, I’m joking. Before you know it, he’ll be taking his talents to South Beach and winning kiddie dunk contests at day care. Sure, he’ll ditch GaGa for a better supporting cast, find someone who can feed him the ball in stride, but whatever it takes to win, right?

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