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With crazy hashtag action, LeBron James says powder toss is coming back (photo)


After a few years of putting it back in his bag of tricks, LeBron James took to Instagram to alert the fans, the NBA and, uh, dust-averse patrons and media seated courtside at NBA games, that his patented pregame powder toss will make its triumphant comeback this 2013-14 NBA season.

LeBron made the momentous announcement while simultaneously pimping “NBA2K14,” which was released on Oct. 1 and features him as the cover boy. Kind of a “Killing two birds with one stone” kind of social media move, I guess.

Via Instagram:

Oh, about the “crazy hashtag action” mentioned in the above title of this here post? Check out the attached message to the above photo:

What y’all been on tonight!?! Cause this what I’m on. I remember playing Bulls vs Blazers and Double Dribble like these are the best(which they were at the time). Crazy to me that I’m on the cover of a video game man! #NBA2K14 #CoverBoy #RealestHoopGame #StriveForGreatness #PowderTossComingBackToAnArenaNearYou

Who can’t appreciate the excellent “Double Dribble” reference? Now I have the robotic game intro of “DOUBLE DRIBBLE!” stuck in my head. Crap.

But man, ease up on the aggressive hashtag use, LeBron. It’s out of control and maybe a cry for help. #KiddingLeBronIsPerfectlySaneHeJustReliesOnHashtagsTooMuchButIGuessThereAreWorseThingsInTheWorldRight”

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