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Shockingly, footage of Tiger Woods dancing is not profoundly awkward (video)

Color me shocked. Tiger Woods danced and it wasn’t awkward or embarrassing to witness.

Eye on Golf’s Kyle Porter (who added a Jay-Z song as a soundtrack for groove purposes) captured footage of Tiger doing a little bit of a jig while on the course, it wasn’t overly cringe-worthy. Wonders never cease.

In fact, Woods, who was enjoying a moment with Jason Dufner on the course at the Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village, actually seems to have some decent moves.

But here’s a question: What was being exchanged between Dufner and Tiger after Woods busted out into dance? Step-by-step instructions on how to pull off a slick impression of Dufnering? Doubt it. Given Tiger’s dance moves, he can more than handle slouching in a slovenly, humorous manner.