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Marlins put wrong date on fake tickets team is selling for Alvarez’s no-hitter


Uh, derp. So, the Miami Marlins, being the Miami Marlins, couldn’t even get fleecing its fan base right. On Sunday, Henderson Alvarez pitched one of the strangest no-hitters in front of an announced crowd of 28,315 patrons at Marlins Park in the team’s season finale, a 1-0 win over the Detroit Tigers.

The amount of tickets sold for the game left approximately 9,100 tickets unsold. The team reasoned that some Marlins fans might like having one of those unsold tickets in their possession as a keepsake, so the team started selling the tickets for $15.

The problem — well, the first problem — was that the team wasn’t even selling the actual tickets. Deadspin reports that the Marlins were selling PDF versions of the tickets, not the actual tickets, a bush league move to put it mildly, an even worse affront in an overall shameless money grab if the purchaser lacks a color printer.  Well, I suppose they could take it to Kinko’s or wherever. But you get the point.

And from that arose the second, perhaps even more humiliating and inexcusable problem: The tickets had the incorrect date printed on them. Great googly moogly.


Yeesh. Yep, that reads Oct. 3, meaning that the no-hitter happened in the future. Now that would be something, a definite collector’s item. But for a game that occurred on Sept. 29? Not so much.

Deadspin notes that it looks like the Marlins figured out what kind of incompetent dunderheads were running the operation and have corrected the egregious gaffe. But ultimately, it really doesn’t make this embarrassing situation any better. I mean, PDFs? Seriously?