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Embattled Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has deleted his Twitter account


In case you haven’t been following the news out of Houston, things have not been going well for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. And by not going well, I mean really, really terrible.

The team has dropped two-straight games after starting the season 2-0. The Texans lost in particularly galling fashion at home on Sunday, blowing a 20-3 halftime lead to lose to the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 23-20.

Schaub played an unfortunately integral role in the loss courtesy of an ill-advised, boneheaded and inexcusable play last in the 4th quarter when he threw a ball up for grabs that was picked off by Richard Sherman who then returned the interception 58 yards for a touchdown that knotted the game up at 20 apiece.

The Seahawks went on to win, the Texans were left wondering what in heck happened and the fan base was left angry. So angry, in fact, that fans were burning Schaub jerseys outside Reliant Stadium following the devastating loss.

Not surprisingly, and as often is the case when a team struggles, most of the blame is placed squarely on the quarterback, although throwing a pick-six in three consecutive games can cause fans to get a bit surly.

What also should not come as a surprise is that Schaub has been getting lambasted on social media, in particular Twitter, where it is not uncommon for fans to spew vitriolic condemnations in less-than-140-character outbursts.

And now comes the news that on Tuesday, Schaub deleted his rarely used Twitter account. Hardly shocking.

This is what a person will see when attempting to access Schaub’s now-deleted Twitter account:


It’s worth noting that Schaub rarely used his Twitter account, not tweeting a single thing since January. And still, one can only imagine the hatred directed his way, there for the reading if he was so inclined.

Perhaps it simply was a coincidence. And perhaps not. But if he did delete it due to the mean-spirited tweets of social media troglodytes, one can hardly blame him.

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