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Kobe Bryant responds to Jordan about accusation that he stole MJ’s moves


In an interview to help promote the Oct. 1 release of “NBA2K14,” Michael Jordan gave Kobe Bryant a backhanded compliment of sorts about how things would go down if he were to take on the Los Angeles Lakers star in a little one-on-one match-up while he still was in in his prime.

Jordan said that while he could have handled LeBron James, among others, when it came to Kobe, Bryant might have even beaten him, but only because “he steals all of my moves.”

Of course, Kobe, with a competitive fire that nearly burns as white-hot as Jordan’s, took to Twitter to offer up a retort in response to the accusation.

Via @kobebryant:

Right back at ya, MJ. Apparently, basketball moves are handed down, passed along from generation to the next.

I guess in a weird way — or not at all — it’s kind of like the “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.”. You know, when King Mufasa explains to young Simba about the Pride Lands and whatnot.

What? No one else has young children? Cripes, my explanations for pretty much anything revolve around Disney movies almost half of the time. You watch “Tangled” fifty times and not have it affect how you view the world and the way in which you explain it.

Anyhoo, “Hakuna Matata,” I guess.