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Jay Cutler says he wasn’t sick during loss to Lions, but if he was, he wouldn’t say so


Coming off a dismal outing against the Detroit Lions on Sunday in a 40-32 loss, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler insisted that his poor performance had nothing to do with him being sick, a rumor that has been floated as a way to explain just how horribly he played.

Cutler did put up 317 yards in a 27-47 passing day, but threw interceptions to only one touchdown for a lowly passer rating of 65.6. He also lost a fumble that was returned for a touchdown.

On Monday’s “The Jay Cutler Show” on ESPN-1000, Cutler disputed the rumors, saying he wasn’t sick at all.

“I felt good. I felt fine. Do I look alright?” Cutler said Monday, as quoted in an NFL Nation report. “I wasn’t sick. If I (were) sick, I wouldn’t say anything. It didn’t happen. Nothing had any impact on the way I played. I missed some throws; wish I could have three or four of them back like we talked about. But we can’t. So it only counts as one game, just like the other ones.”

So, according to Cutler’s own words, he wasn’t sick at all. But if even if he had been ill, he wouldn’t say anything about it anyway, meaning essentially that we will never know for certain whether Cutler was really sick or not. A pretty strange non-denial denial. It could have been how well the Lions defense played. It simply could have that Cutler just didn’t have it on Sunday. It could have been a million other things, too, perhaps, but it wasn’t because Cutler was sick. Unless he was, but he wouldn’t admit to it even if that was the case. Huh.

Cutler later said that it’s more about how the team responds to the loss in its next game against the red-hot New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

“I think that’s fair,” Cutler said. “That’s how this is: You never really are in the present in the NFL. You’re either talking about what’s coming up or you’re talking about what just happened. You’re never really living in the moment and talking about the now, and ‘what can we do now to get better?’ That’s what our job is as players, and that’s the perspective we’ve got to keep. Obviously you’ve got to look at what’s ahead of you. But after that game is over, you’ve looked at it, it’s over with. The only thing right now that we can control is getting ready for the Saints. I think we learned a lot about our team already in the second half of that Detroit game; the way that offensively we kept fighting.”

But he wasn’t sick. But if he had been, he wouldn’t admit it. Get it?