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NOOOO!!! Andrew Bynum showed up to Cavaliers’ media day with his hair cut (pic)


See that up there? Yeah, that glorious hot mess of hair that once sat atop Andrew Bynum’s head? Yep, it’s no more. Gone. Finished. Over. It’s over.

While attempting to resurrect his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers after a debacle of an injury-plagued one season stint with the Philadelphia 76ers, Bynum showed up to the team’s media day sporting a conservatively cropped new hairstyle.

Sad. So, so sad.

Via @cavs:


Bynum just ain’t the same without something that resembles road kill resting on top of his skull. The end of an era, indeed. A hilarious, hairstyle era.

Bynum has resumed basketball-related activities, but no timetable reportedly has been set for his return to full-contact on-court action. Perhaps he’ll grow his hair out again and before you know it, he’ll be dominating on the court and in the hairdo department. We can hope.

But in the interim as we wait and see if that hop comes to frution, Sporting News has been good enough to put together a little photo gallery chronicling all that was wonderful and absurd about Bynum’s hairstyles over the past year or so. Enjoy.