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Single guy Tim Duncan hits the club for bachelor/bachelorette charity auction (photos)


In August, San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan’s 12-year marriage officially came to an end, as the divorce from his college sweetheart was made official courtesy of a secret hearing — as Sid Hudgens would say, “Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.”

As a result, Duncan now is a single guy, free to spread his bachelor wings and discover just how much the dating game has changed since he last was on the prowl, as it were.

So it makes perfect sense that Duncan was spotted at the nightclub Marquee recently taking in the many sights, sounds and, um, smells (?) of the swinging San Antonio singles scene.

Actually, as much as we’d like to think that the 37-year-old Duncan was out whooping it up and clubbing in a manner befitting of lifestyles of his younger NBA colleagues, we are talking about Tim Duncan here. Instead, Duncan’s foray into the club scene was for a bachelor/bachelorette auction. For charity.

Jeez, even when he’s partying Tim Duncan is kinda boring.

Via Instagram:

Check it out. Two attractive females, one purple-shirted, vest-wearing suave fella and a guy who looks like George Costanza did when he took those clothes from that guy and pretended he was a tourist.

Living the single dream, that Tim Duncan guy. Except for the two guys.

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