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Social media beef with Kevin Durant is the real deal, so says Dwyane Wade


Despite what most levelheaded people suspect, Dwyane Wade insists that the flareup between himself and Kevin Durant that ignited on social media this week is the Real Deal Holyfield.

It all started when the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar opined during an interview that the Houston Rockets’ James Harden should replace the Miami Heat veteran in the Top 10 of Sports Illustrated‘s “Top 100 NBA Players” list  that recently was released.

Wade fired back with a Instagram post, to which Durant responded in kind on Twitter.

It had all the makings of an intriguing social media smack talk throwdown, but when put into a different context in light of the fact that the two superstars were part of a Gatorade commercial last season, it was reasonable to suspect that some kind of clever guerrilla marketing was at play.

Not so, insists Wade.

Wade was asked on Thursday night about the entire situation, specifically about his thoughts on Durant’s assertion that Harden is a superior NBA player.

“Everyone has an opinion. We’re in an age now where everyone uses their opinion,” Wade is quoted as saying in a Miami Herald report. “That was it. He had an opinion. I had a response.”

When asked if the back-and-forth was staged or a joke, Wade reportedly smiled and said, “No.”

So there you have it. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Unless this is simply yet another level to a sophisticated marketing gimmick and we’re all dimwitted marionettes having our strings pulled by savvy advertising entities assigned to the task of pimping product by the so-called “Thirst Quencher” — Gatorade, to the layperson. But that would mean Durant and Wade are in on it, too. Would guys like that be willing to take part in manipulating their fans to make some cash on endorsements? Perish the thought.