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Blatant Homerism

Bert Blyleven kissed by Twins broadcast partner after being shown on Kiss-Cam (vid)


As a Minnesotan and a several-year-suffering Minnesota Twins fan, it feels like Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven have been the dynamic duo of Twins television broadcasts for what seems like an eternity. Bremer has been around in some capacity since the early ’80s and Blyleven joined him in the booth in 1996.

Bremer’s dulcet tones and blatant homerism have become the soundtrack of Twins seasons. And when matched with Blyleven’s cockeyed legendary sense of humor, baseball knowledge and irreverent approach to broadcasting — he once ate a couple of nightcrawlers on air for charity — the two have carved out a nice niche in Twins history, through the good times, and lately, the bad times.

The Twinkies are suffering through a third-straight 90-loss season that will reach is merciful end this weekend. It can be argued that the individuals who serve as broadcasters for major league teams are journalists of a sort first, but a losing season probably is as frustrating and wearing on them as it is on the players and the fans.

Bremer may have reached his breaking point on Thursday night during a broadcast of the game against the Cleveland Indians. During a commercial break, both he and Blyleven were shown on the Kiss-Cam at Target Field. Noticing that the duo were being shown, Bremer bent down and planted a kiss on Blyleven’s cheek, shocking the Hall of Famer.

Of course, the smoochy interlude was highlighted when FOX Sports North returned to the broadcast (via

That’s great. Blyleven’s response was priceless. Don’t worry, Bert. No one “circled” you as Bremer was giving you a peck on the cheek. I guess that’s an inside joke. But I’m sure some of you got it.