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Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer celebrates while wearing different-colored goggles (photo)


Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer has had a season for the ages. After pitching seven scoreless innings against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday, Scherzer has posted an unbelievable 21-3 record to go along with a phenomenal 2.90 ERA. He arguably is the odds-on favorite to win the American League Cy Young Award and undoubtedly has earned it should he get the votes.

The Tigers celebrated the team’s third-straight AL Central title on Wednesday, and much like he did last season after the Tigers beat the Oakland A’s  in the teams’ ALDS series, Scherzer once again was spotted whooping it up while protecting his eyes with a pair of goggles outfitted with differently-colored lenses. I have to wonder how Jim Leyland’s dancing looked while peering through those bad boys. Probably just as awesome.

Scherzer, you see, has Heterochromia iridum, a condition that causes a person’s eyes to be two different colors. So it makes sense. Different-colored eyes, different-colored goggles.

It’s only a matter of time, given the tremendous amount of success he has enjoyed this season, that ballplayers will be undergoing eye surgery to retroactively give themselves Heterochromia iridum. Or not. Yeah, probably not.

[H/T Eye on Baseball, image via @sporer]