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Jaguars fans: Drown your sorrows in free beer by buying a ticket for Sunday’s game


The Jacksonville Jaguars currently rank 30th among teams in average attendance (59,416). Granted, the Jags have only hosted one home game thus far this season, but odds are better that the team will move down a few spots before it would move up in the rankings, although last season, the Jaguars ranked twentieth out thirty-two teams so it could be argued that it is a crap shoot either way.

The point is, the Jaguars typically don’t draw well, and with the prospects of a successful season being pretty much slim to none with an 0-3 start, fan apathy is a very serious issue down Florida way.

With that in mind, the brain trust desperately trying to get butts in the seats at EverBank Field for Sunday’s tilt against the Indianapolis Colts. And what better way to entice the average NFL fan who is amenable to braving the chaotic, booze-fueled, profanity-laced, not-so-family friendly atmosphere that typifies an average NFL game than by offering up some free brewskis? Sounds like a heckuva plan.

That’s why starting at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning and for three hours after that, any person who buys a ticket to Sunday’s game will get two drinks for free. Drink up.

The Jaguars alerted potential ticket buyers to the promotion via its Twitter account on Wednesday night:

The promotion, dubbed #DRINKSONUS presented by Bud Light, entitles ticket buyers to two free beverages, and the ad notifies potential customers that the two free drinks can be “water, soda and BEER!” The word “beer” of course being capitalized because, well, “BEER!”

Any way to get them to attend the games, I suppose, although the teetotalers likely will be out in droves complaining about how the team is using free booze to entice fans to show up. Then again, these fans would be drinking copious amounts of alcohol anyway, so what’s the difference?

Also, teetotalers are welcome to attend the game and get two free waters if they like. The more the merrier.

Let’s just hope Jaxson De Ville, the team’s mascot, isn’t allowed to take advantage of the promotion. He’s already danced in a thong this week, goodness knows what antics he’d be capable of after a few free drinks.