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A-Rod to Hank Aaron at restaurant: ‘My name is Alex Rodriguez’


(from 2001)

According to Page Six, New York Yankees slugger/pariah Alex Rodriguez, who has controversy and scandal engulfing him like the cloud of dirt and grime that surrounds Pig-Pen from “Peanuts,” had an awkward encounter with Hall of Famer Hank Aaron when both were dining at Nobu in New York.

Apparently, as reported by a Page Six “spy,” A-Rod approached Aaron at the legend’s table and said, “Mr. Aaron, I just wanted to introduce myself. I think about you every day when I play. You’re an inspiration to me.”

To make the scene utterly embarrassing for everyone involved and for anyone reading the account of what transpired, A-Rod allegedly then said, “My name is Alex Rodriguez.”

Awk-ward. No offense to either Rodriguez and especially Mr. Hank Aaron, but my guess is Hammerin’ Hank had a pretty good idea who Alex Rodriguez was without the need for A-Rod to identify himself. Any awkward silences or quizzical looks on the part of Mr. Aaron — if that’s what prompted A-Rod to introduce himself — likely had more to do with Aaron being well aware of who Alex Rodriguez is instead of Aaron not knowing who he was.