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Now in fake social media beefs used to pimp product: Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade


The interwebs were abuzz in a re-tweeting and re-posting frenzy on Tuesday and it all had to do with a supposed beef between Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant and the Miami Heat’s equally famous superstar, Dwyane Wade.

In an interview, Durant was asked about his reaction to Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 NBA players list (he’s No. 2, behind LeBron James — duh) and who he thought could be removed from the Top 10 and the player who should not have been excluded from the Top 10. His response? Dwyane Wade should be out of the Top 10 and Houston Rockets star James Harden should replace him.

Oh snap!

This caused a bit of a back-and-forth between Durant and D-Wade. But there’s a good chance this so-called beef is simply a manufactured — albeit clever — example of the guerrilla marketing techniques now being employed by companies in order to pimp product.

And guess what? The social media world took the irresistible bait. Hook, line and sinker.

Durant’s supposed diss of D-Wade can be seen on CineSport, who conducted the interview, but shortly after the interview — perhaps too shortly afterward for this to be a real thing — Wade posted the following message and pic on Instagram:

 And then Durant tweeted this smack-talking salvo:

Oh, it’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

But what’s “on” isn’t a real war of words between the two NBA stars, but more likely what’s “on” is a continuation of the Gatorade marketing campaign starring Wade and Durant from last season when a commercial featured the two players being awoken from nightmares where they were being outplayed by the other.

Yeah, that’s probably what it is, a clever marketing gimmick. Although it would have been cool if it weren’t fake, manufactured and staged, something those desperately clinging to the belief that it is a real beef will have to reluctantly admit when a new Gatorade commercial starring Durant and Wade premieres sometime during the upcoming NBA season.

Actually, Gatorade could save a bunch of money and time by not even bothering to shoot another commercial starring the two. Everyone is already talking about what occurred Tuesday on social media with many mentioning Gatorade and the earlier commercial. It seems like Gatorade’s assumed advertising goal already has been accomplished.