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No Mag the Mighty, but DirecTV ‘Superfans’ would weigh a lot, according to study


It’s hard to say what’s more interesting/strange: The fact that somebody actually took the time to conduct a scientific analysis to determine the height and weight of the average “Superfan,” the giant football fans who have the Sunday Ticket package from those DirecTV commercials, or the fact that I find the actual results of said analysis so darn fascinating?

Rhett Allain revealed the results of his study on A brief summary of an in-depth examination:

With a scale factor of 1.33, the mass of the superfan would be 2.35 times the mass of a human. Using my guesses from before, the superfan would be 213 kg (470 pounds). 

Ha. Science. What can’t it do?

So, in conclusion, while the so-called “Superfans” would be huge, they’d still be dwarfed by Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg, because, you know, A Song of Ice and Fire reference.

[H/T Shutdown Corner]