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Rockies mow ginormous ’17’ in outfield for Todd Helton’s last home game (pics)


After seventeen successful major league seasons, all as a member of the Colorado Rockies organization, Todd Helton will be calling it quits at season’s end.

Helton’s last big league game will be on Sunday, on the road against the Los Angeles Dodgers to conclude a three-game road trip season finale, so Helton’s last game at Coors Field, the place he’s called home all these years, will be on Wednesday against the Boston Red Sox.

In light of the momentous event, both for Helton and the Rockies, the organization has pulled out all the stops for Helton’s home game, including mowing an absolutely ginormous “17” — both his jersey number and years of big league service to the Rockies — into the outfield grass, among other deserved tributes to the great ballplayer.

The outfield grass tribute:


Wow. That’s friggin’ huge, man.

The Rockies also painted “17” on the first base and third base lines:


A full-page ad thanking Helton was also published in Wednesday’s edition of The Denver Post:


Of course, as is often the case when a storied career nears its end, the entire body of work, both on the field and off of it, generally are whitewashed, scrubbed clean of some of the bad that inevitably occurs to everyone during their lives. For Helton, it was his embarrassing DUI arrest on Feb. 6, 2013,  something that Helton admitted caused him a tremendous amount of anguish and humiliation.

But for one night, it’s okay to forget about a person’s all-too-human weaknesses and mistakes. For one night, it’s okay to celebrate all that is great about a person and the years of joy he has brought to the fans of the Colorado Rockies.

[H/T Big League Stew, all images via @Rockies]