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Here’s Peyton Manning crying and whining while playing football as a wee lad (video)


Of course, Peyton Manning has come a long way and (hopefully) gotten a lot tougher since he spent time playing football with his brothers as a little tot, but watching this footage of big brother Cooper making Peyton cry, whine and throw a temper tantrum as a little kid still is quite amusing.

Manning has led the Denver Broncos to a 3-0 record this season and appears to be showing no signs of age or slowing down. In fact, he may be getting better. A frightening thought, indeed, but how did he become arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL? How did one family produce not one, but two Super Bowl champion quarterbacks? Between Eli Manning and Peyton, not to mention father Archie and brother Cooper — whose football career sadly was cut short after being diagnosed spinal stenosis — that’s more than an esteemed football pedigree for one family. It’s borderline ludicrous.

“The Book of Manning,” a ninety-minute documentary that aired on ESPN on Tuesday, attempts to answer those very questions.

Filmmakers were afforded an essentially all-access pass to Manning family archives, including photos, videos and such to make the documentary. Arguably the best stuff they unearthed was some home movie footage of a three-year-old Peyton freaking out and ultimately crying when five-year-old Cooper manhandles him a bit while playing a little football.

Peyton’s meltdowns begin at approximately the one-minute mark of the video:

Fantastic. How eerily prescient of Peyton to complain to Cooper about hitting high, saying, “You can’t grab by the neck!” You know, with all his neck problems and surgeries later in life, when he started wearing his big boy pants and not whining so much while playing football.

Oh, Peyton can still throw hissy fits with the best of them. It’s just that now he’s a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, before he was learning the old adage of “You Can’t Run with the Dogs if You Piddle Like a Puppy,” a lesson that must be learned by all younger brothers, as Peyton did when he was a little tyke.

For what it’s worth, Cooper insists that Eli was much tougher than Peyton, saying about the youngest Manning brother, “He wouldn’t cry.” I guess I can see that.

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