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Never fear, follicly-obsessed Troy Polamalu fans: He’s not cutting off hair


Troy Polamalu, the magnificently coiffed safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, made some news last week when he announced that he would be cutting his hair in a display of support and to pay respect to our nation’s veterans. Polamalu announced his intent to cut his long, flowing locks — which haven’t been trimmed in 10 years, apparently — on his Facebook page and that said clipping would take place on Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

Polamalu’s posted message on Facebook: “We talk about supporting veterans often, but now its time for us all to DO something. I’m getting a ceremonial haircut this Veterans Day for the #VFWManeEvent with Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW I DARE you to join me.

Seems like a fine way to raise awareness and funds for members of our nation’s military, although the news may have been met with some concern by Head & Shoulders, a product Polamalu is paid handsomely to endorse.

Head & Shoulders so values its business relationship with Polamalu that Proctor & Gamble took out a $1 million insurance policy on his hair in 2010. If Polamalu were to cut off his hair, how would that affect his marketing arrangement with the company?

Well, if Polamalu’s statement is read carefully, it indicates that he’s be getting “ceremonial haircut,” not a crew cut, a more symbolic gesture, something TMZ has confirmed.

A rep for Head & Shoulders — which has a long-term endorsement deal with Polamalu, and even insured his mane for $1 million — tells us the haircut will be more ceremonial than anything.

We’re told Troy will only chop a few locks as a symbol of support for veterans, and H&S fully backs him taking a little off the top … metaphorically.

Well, that’s certainly a relief, because who wants to live in a world where Polamalu doesn’t have super-long, wild hair? Not this guy. It’s his identity, something he’s frequently asked about and what makes him who he is. Or something.