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Cardinals unveil prototype for severed foam finger in honor of Rashad Johnson


One of the more compelling — and easily the nastiest and disturbing — injury report to emerge from last weekend’s slate of NFL games was how Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson suffered the most bizarre of injuries when the tip of his middle finger was severed during a special teams play.

After initially responding to requests on Twitter that he post photos of the ghastly injury indicating that no one should want to see it, Johnson caved and grossed out the entire Internet by tweeting several photos of the gruesome image of his severed finger.

The marketing wizards within the Cardinals organization, not missing a beat, tweeted via the team’s official Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon that the team is in the process of designing a prototype for a modified foam finger that pays tribute to Johnson’s terrible injury.

Pretty clever.

Johnson, for those interested, appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio program on Tuesday to discuss exactly what happened on the fateful play and its aftermath.

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