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Lindsey Vonn hung out with Tiger Woods’ kids at Tour Championship on Sunday (vid)


It looks like the salacious rumors about Lindsey Vonn stepping out on Tiger Woods by playing tonsil hockey with some random dude at a Jay-Z/Justin Timberlake concert in Miami a few weeks ago were just that: Salacious rumors, speculation and gossip.

At least that appears to be the case given that Vonn was spotted tracking Tiger at the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta on Sunday, with the golfer’s kids, Sam and Alexis, in tow.

Vonn immediately and vehemently denied the rumors that were spelled out in a tawdry manner befitting the National Enquirer in a report published a few weeks back.

But seeing Vonn having a good time with the kiddos certainly makes it seem that as far as the relationship between the two sports superstars are concerned, everything is a-okay.

Video via NBC Sports:

Of course, the sight of Vonn trailing Tiger around the course is nothing new, but the presence of his children, who Woods goes to great lengths to protect from the public eye, with Vonn keeping an eye on them, speaks volumes to how far along this romance is at present time and how much it is still evolving. And this is occurring despite the constant presence of naysayers who continuously question the relationship, not to mention the latest nasty rumors and conjecture regarding the Olympic star’s supposed infidelity that brought into questions her loyalty to Woods and their relationship.