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Justin Timberlake wishes Tommy Lasorda a happy birthday on Twitter

On Sunday, Los Angeles Dodgers great and MLB legend Tommy Lasorda celebrated his 86th birthday. Among the many presumed celebrities, dignitaries and such to wish Mr. Lasorda well on his b-day was none other than Justin Timberlake, who went out of his way to give Lasorda a shout-out on Twitter.

Apparently, these two are down. And great friends, even, according to Timberlake’s tweet. It’s hardly surprising when you think about it. Lasorda runs in some hip and happening circles. It was only earlier this summer that Lasorda was spotted hanging out with Ice Cube and Danny DeVito at a Dodgers game. Now this.

And Timberlake and Lasorda go way, way back. Okay, not really that far back but the two did pose together for a couple of photos back in March.

Lasorda looked less-than-happy in a photo posted by MLB Fan Cave on Twitter:

But Lasorda did post another photo later where he seemed a bit more enthusiastic about meeting Timberlake:

Much better. Either way, what are the odds that Lasorda, after making nice with the pop star, would say, “Great kid, but if he were still alive, Frank Sinatra would chunks of guys like him in his stool.”

Ah yes, “The Sinatra Group” from “Saturday Night Live.” Always a solid — but dated — reference.

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