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Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner tweets nightmarish iamge of broken jaw (pic)

 Edmonton Oilers headshots

Following a hearing with the NHL’s disciplinary brass on Monday, Vancouver Canucks right-winger Zack Kassian was suspended for eight games —¬†three presason games and the first five of the regular season — as punishment for a reckless high stick that caught Edmonton Oilers center Sam Gagner in the face during a preseason match-up between the teams on Saturday.

The careless play by Kassian left Gagner on the ice with a broken jaw. The center is now out indefinitely for the Oilers and is expected to undergo surgery on Tuesday.

Gagner took to Twitter on Monday to provide compelling — and disturbing — evidence that reveals exactly what kind of horrific mess a hockey player’s face can be left in as a consequence of a careless hit up high with a stick.

Be forewarned: It ain’t pretty.

The play in question from Saturday:

Up above is how Gagner appeared in his official team photo, and below is the gruesome and ghastly aftermath of the play, via Gagner’s Twitter account:

GAH! He looks like some kind of terrible, deformed beast. Or an oral surgeon’s dream client. One of the two. Or both.