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Virginia CVS Pharmacy zings Washington Redskins with Kleenex sale sign (pic)


The season could not have gotten off to a worse start for the Washington Redskins. After getting blown out in the first half of a Week 1 showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles and failing to make a remarkable second half comeback, the Redskins dropped its next two games and now sit at 0-3 following a 27-20 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

The reasons why the Redskins and the team’s fans should retain a shred of hope are twofold. For one thing, it’s to be expected that Robert Griffin III will improve with every week he puts between himself and his knee surgery. Secondly, the team’s NFC East rivals haven’t exactly set the world on fire, either. The New York Giants are sitting at 0-3 as well, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who looked unbeatable in the Monday night match-up with the Redskins (at least in the first half), are struggling out of the gate as well with a 1-2 record.

The rose-colored glasses outlook hasn’t deterred a CVS Pharmacy located in Harrisonburg, Va., from taking notice of the epic struggles of the local NFL team. The store has posted an announcement outside under its sign announcing that Kleenex is on sale for $0.99, along with the message, “Stock Up In Case The Redskins Don’t Improve.”

Uh, zing? While clever, I am sure the Redskins organization and its fans would say that the rip is “snot” funny.

[via @darrenrovell]