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Colin Kaepernick has started favoriting comments from haters on Twitter (pic)


The San Francisco 49ers likely did not expect to be sitting at 1-2 after three weeks and definitely did not foresee second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick struggling as much as he has through three games.

In a win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 and in consecutive losses to the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts in subsequent weeks, Kaepernick’s stats play out as follows: 53 for 94 (a 56.4 completion percentage) for 689 yards to go along with three touchdown passes and four interceptions.

His rushing stats remain solid after setting the league afire during his rookie campaign with his legs, running for 129 yards on 23 attempts (a 5.6-yard average), but Kaepernick has fumbled twice while running the ball, losing possession for the offense on both occasions.

Not surprisingly, since the Internet is polluted with trogloydytic, dimwitted mouth-breathers, Kaepernick’s Twitter account has been on the receiving end of some vitriolic Haterade.

But do not think that the 49ers quarterback hasn’t noticed. How much it affects him is unknown, but he’s taking note of the haters and favoriting the mean-spirited tweets directed his way.

A screengrab from his “Favorites” page:


It obviously remains to be seen if Kaepernick’s early struggles this season simply are an example of a sophomore slump, if defensive coordinators are catching on and figuring out how to slow down the multifaceted signal-caller or if this is much ado about nothing and sooner than later, Kaepernick will return as a dominant force both passing and running the ball.

Either way, be wary of hating on him on Twitter. He’s watching. Although what he will be able to do to exact revenge on Twitter haters is unknown, and let’s be honest, a relatively pointless exercise at that. It’s not him calling people on being wrong — should they ultimately be proved to be incorrect in their assessments — is going to cause ham-fisted trolls on Twitter to cease spewing their hate. That’s just the Internet. Nothing’s going to change that.

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