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Browns nose tackle upset Adrian Peterson tweeted daughter’s rip about Browns


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The Minnesota Vikings likely believed it had a cream puff of an opponent headed into Mall of America Field on Sunday courtesy of the Cleveland Browns, who earlier in the week promoted their third-string quarterback, Brian Hoyer, to starter and traded away its franchise running back, Trent Richardson, to the Indianapolis Colts.

When the dust settled on Sunday afternoon, the Vikings looked to be the cream puff of an opponent, not the Browns, as Cleveland emerged victorious, upending Minnesota in a battle of 0-2 teams by a score of 31-27.

If a Vikings win wasn’t perceived as a virtual lock by most, a majority assumed Minnesota would more than likely dispatch Cleveland with the greatest of ease. Not so, as the Browns defense stood stout, holding running back Adrian Peterson to only 88 yards on 25 carries, a 3.52-yard-per-carry average, and rendered the rest of the woeful Vikings offense — not a difficult task — ineffective before they Hoyer-led offense scored a touchdown on a game-winning drive late in regulation.

Afterward, Adrian Peterson — no doubt once again catching flak from fantasy football owners for his performance Sunday — relayed something his young daughter said about her daddy’s team and its woeful performance, and Browns nose tackle Phil Taylor took exception to what he perceived to be a disparaging comment about he and his teammates.

The tweet in question from Peterson that elicited a surly response from Taylor:

And here’s what Taylor had to say about it (via

“We knew playing against the Vikings would be a good test for us, having Adrian Peterson,” Taylor said Monday in the Browns’ locker room. “We showed what type of defense we’re about. But obviously we still don’t get the respect that we deserve, so we have to keep going out there and doing what we’ve got to do.

“He can say what he wants, but he wasn’t a factor in the game. He had less than 100 yards. The only reason they really scored, they got the ball on the 9, they got the ball on the 26, other than that, it wasn’t really a big game [for their offense].”

Game. Set. Match. Winner? Phil Taylor. Clearly, Taylor is no fan of the concept behind the show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” Or at the very least, when those darndest things involve a youngster saying something unflattering about the Browns.

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