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Rookie pitcher Cole De Vries hazed by Twins, result is total nightmare fuel (pic)


The season has been a nightmare for the Minnesota Twins, both from an organizational standpoint and from the viewpoint of the team’s fans. It only makes sense that when the team initiated its annual rookie hazing, a long-standing fall tradition in baseball, it only makes sense that it too would give both fans and, well, pretty much anyone who sees what rookie pitcher Cole De Vries was forced to endure for the ritual, nightmares.

Dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl — I think that’s what’s going on — De Vries apparently felt no shame over the incident, actually posting evidence of his hazing getup to his own Instagram account.

Here’s De Vries modeling his outfit aboard what must be a chartered team flight to Oakland for a weekend series with the Athletics, because there’s no way an airline would allow someone dressed like that aboard a plane (via Instagram):

GAH! That’s an even more flammable brand of nightmare fuel than Danny Valencia’s Borat swimsuit getup from a few years back.

The saddest part of all is that De Vries almost seems proud of how he looks, as he captioned the photo: “That’s right dominated rookie dress up today!!” And how.

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