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Prince Fielder helps himself to mid-game snack, grabs a nacho from a fan (video)


There’s no sense mincing words: Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder is something of a portly fellow. An incredibly skilled player whose agility on the field belies his size (although not all the time, such as when he slides), he nevertheless is one of the larger men playing major league baseball.

So it only makes sense that if the opportunity is afforded him, Fielder will gladly enjoy a little mid-game snack in order to alleviate any hunger pangs that won’t be satiated until the catered spread in the clubhouse following the game.

On Thursday, with the Tigers hosting the Seattle Mariners for an afternoon matinee at Comerica Park, Fielder helped himself to a nacho off a fan’s tray after expending a lot of energy and calories chasing a foul ball a long, long way.


Awesome. And yet, Fielder did get kind of jacked on his midday munching. It looks like the tray of nachos was well on its way to being just about finished. There was barely any liquid nacho cheese sauce goodness remaining on the tray. That’s a shame.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been inspired to make a run for the border to Taco Bell for a big old Nachos Bell Grande. Extra cheese sauce, you say? Sure, why not?