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Ndamukong Suh says he’s a bee that won’t be deterred from honey hole by gnats?


(Suh: Not only a bee, also a Sith Lord)

Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh delivered an absolutely bizarre quote on Wednesday about what he perceived as low blocks directed at his knees by Arizona Cardinals guard Paul Fanaika during last Sunday’s loss down in the desert.

Somehow, Suh, who it should be noted is in a way complaining about cheap shots just one week after he was fined $100,000 for needlessly going low on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan on a Lions interception return during a Week 1 game, somehow combined bees, gnats and honey holes into one strange and perplexing quote.

As reported by the Detroit Free-Press: “Happens all the time,” he said. “It’s not going to stop. I look forward to it, look forward to keep making plays down the field. That’s my job and to me it’s just gnats that are in the air that keep going after you and you swat at them and sometimes you hit them, sometimes you don’t, sometimes they just run away, sometimes they come back again. But ultimately, I’m that bee going to find that honey hole, that’s what I go and do.”

Okay. Whatever you say, Mr. Suh. So, the honey hole is the ball-carrier or quarterback in Suh’s commentary, right? Weird.

It could be argued that Suh isn’t really complaining at all about Fanaika and low blocks at all. But attempting to parse any sensible information related to Suh’s true feelings about anything from reading that quote will only leave the reader more and more confused.

Someone needs to photoshop Suh’s head on Winnie the Pooh immediately. Adding some gnats buzzing around is up to the photoshopper.


Also, perhaps having Winnie the Pooh stomping on Eeyore’s crotch may further improve the illustration.