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Matt Harvey takes to Twitter to apologize for bizarre interview with Dan Patrick (vid)


On Wednesday, New York Mets injured pitcher Matt Harvey appeared on the “Dan Patrick Show” radio program. It was a bizarre appearance and interview to say the least.

Patrick, not surprisingly, wanted to discuss Harvey’s right elbow injury and the developing news this week that the pitcher has opted for rehabilitation instead of surgery to repair his partially torn ulnar collateral ligament.

But Harvey, after very briefly discussing the injury, clumsily tried to sidestep the discussion regarding his elbow altogether, instead, again clumsily, attempted to segue into a discussion about Qualcomm, a telecommunications company he is paid handsomely to endorse.

A verbal back-and-forth of sorts ensued and things went from bad to worse, with Patrick circling back to discussing baseball issues and Harvey awkwardly parrying every attempt.

A chronicling of the bizarre discussion, via Bats:

Harvey’s interview started just fine, with Patrick asking two light questions about Harvey’s background in football. Then Patrick asked Harvey to describe his injury, and Harvey discussed the “slight tear” of his ulnar collateral ligament, and how Dr. James Andrews, the noted orthopedist, had found the ligament to be stable.

Harvey then said: “We chose to go the route of rehabbing. I strongly believe that that’s going to work and pay off. But today I’m here talking about Qualcomm, hoping at least I can help them out as much as possible.”

Patrick seemed unfazed. He said he’d let Harvey get his pitch in later and tried to divert the subject back to Harvey’s elbow, asking about Tommy John surgery.

Harvey answered the question, and when Patrick asked a follow-up question, he started to answer again. But then mid-answer, Harvey apparently decided that was enough and said: “I did all those answers yesterday, and maybe at the appropriate time, we can talk a little bit more about that. Obviously, today is about Qualcomm.”

Patrick then calmly asked if Harvey did not want to talk about his decision to rehab, and Harvey suggested perhaps they set up another call for that, adding, “Today we’re honoring and supporting Qualcomm.”

And some video of Patrick and the crew reacting to Harvey’s unwillingness to discuss anything besides Qualcomm, just to further illustrate just how bad it got:

Later Wednesday, Harvey, to his credit — or at the demand of his agent, advisers or the Mets (or all of them) — issued a mea culpa on Twitter, apologizing for his strange appearance.

Was there a misunderstanding between the Mets pitcher and his people and Patrick’s producers regarding the reason Harvey was on the show? Perhaps. But Harvey could have handled it much, much better.

UPDATE: Harvey returned to the airwaves on Thursday to apologize personally to Dan Patrick about his regrettable appearance (via Hardball Talk):

That should wrap everything up nicely. Kudos, Matt Harvey.