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LeBron James returns to Instagram to post pics from honeymoon in Rome (photos)


After taking about a week off — which is an eternity in LeBron James’ social media world — the newlywed made his return to Instagram. Of course, the Miami Heat superstar has been very busy with his nuptials, marrying longtime sweetheart Savannah Brinson (now Savannah James) on Sept. 14, smack dab in the middle of a three-day extravaganza that celebrated the couple’s nuptials in a manner befitting a king and his new queen.

After some rest and relaxation while enjoying his honeymoon with his new wife, James posted a couple of photos to Instagram, one showcasing the newlyweds modeling their rings and another from their visit to the Colosseum in Rome.

Attached to the below photo is the heartfelt message: “When u have someone that’s always there for you no matter the ups and downs in life, it makes it all worth living for! So happy to call u Mrs. Savannah James #MyQueen #Backbone #QueenJames #Honeymoon”

What a romantic.

And LeBron’s pic from their Roman Holiday, posted Thursday morning:

The message on this photo? “Wow what an experience! The Colosseum up close and personal. #BucketList #Rome#MaximusAriliusDecimus #AreYouNotEntertained”

Ah yes, a “Gladiator” reference. While clever, personally, I would have opted to go with a reference to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” thereby hinting that ending up at the Colosseum was in fact a mistake. Also, because references to Broadway musicals is quite witty and shows that a person is worldly and sophisticated.