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Greg Jennings refuses to say if he signed a Vikings helmet with ‘Packers Suck’ (pic)


A photo of a Minnesota Vikings helmet supposedly autographed by new Vikes wide receiver Greg Jennings has been making the rounds on the Internet, both on Instagram and Twitter. What makes the image so interesting and somewhat controversial is that not only is the helmet signed by Jennings, along with his new number with the Purple, 15, it also features a very special message regarding his former team and now-division rival, the Green Bay Packers:

“Packers Suck.”

But is it real? Jennings, for his part, won’t say one way or the other, refusing to confirm or deny if he did the deed.

Via @Adam_Vieau:


According to a FOX Sports North report, Jennings was asked to sign the helmet and add the extra-special message about the Packers and that he obliged the request.

Further digging by Packers-centric site Lombardi Ave. proved to be something of a dead end related to whether or not Jennings actually autographed the helmet.

The entire controversy — if you can call it that — originally may have stemmed from this tweet from a woman named Mikaela:

Lombardi Ave. reached out to Mikaela, but it didn’t amount to much:

Huh. It looks like we have a mystery wrapped in a humdinger of a conundrum.

Here’s a photo of a Packers jersey autographed by Jennings, for comparative purposes on the signature:


The signatures certainly look similar.

Obviously, there has been a lot of animosity between Jennings and the Packers since he signed with the Vikings. Embittered comments from Jennings have ranged from claiming that the Packers brainwash players to statements insinuating that Aaron Rodgers isn’t a good leader.

In any event, Jennings hasn’t done one thing to put an end to the speculation regarding the legitimacy of the autograph. Asked on Wednesday about it, Jennings replied, “Oh my gosh. I’m not even going to jump into that. I’ll let that story be what it is, a story. If you guys want to hype it. It has nothing to do with football, does it? Does it?”

When pressed further on the issue, Jennings appeared reluctant to do so, saying before walking off, “I’m not even going to address that. Are we talking football or are we talking something else?”

So there you have it. All this speculation and controversy over a helmet Greg Jennings may or may not have autographed. Does Jennings think the Packers truly do suck? Probably. Does it matter? Not really.